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Each student is a member of the Student Bar Association (SBA), by virtue of attending Charleston Law. The mission of the SBA is to serve as the collective voice for the student body and to help provide an exciting experience through social, academic and community service events. More specifically, the SBA administers the budget of student funds, recommends positive change to campus policy and provides the Weekly Dicta. Each semester the SBA collaborates with organizations on campus to help achieve its goals and expand its membership.

The SBA is composed of an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch and was formally created by a Constitution ratified by the SBA in 2009. For more information on the current members, click here.

ABA Committee
Committee Chair: Joseph Guerriero
Mission Statement: The American Bar Association (ABA) Committee serves as the connection between Charleston School of Law and the ABA’s National Law Student Division. The ABA Committee’s mission is to focus on the health and wellbeing of students, as well as bridging the gap between local and national student law school policy creators.

Admissions, Orientation, & Graduation Committee
Committee Chair: Aspasia Padgiotis and OJ Otovic
Mission Statement: In its Admissions and Orientation capacity, this committee serves as the 1Ls’ first impression. When the students arrive for Orientation, for a lot them, it will be there first time on campus. Our goal is to make each student feel welcome, while providing them with a realistic and positive taste of what the law school experience will entail.Students who go to this school for work three long and hard years to walk across the stage celebrated by their friends and family and collect their degree. Our committee’s job, acting in its Graduation capacity, is to make sure that every year, regardless of what is going on in the world, that this experience is authentic.

Alumni Relations Committee
Committee Chair: Joseph Guerriero
Mission Statement: The mission of the Charleston School of Law Student Bar Association Alumni Relations Committee is to bridge the gap between the student body and alumni and to foster lasting relationships within the Charleston School of Law community. To do so, the Alumni Relations Committee will organize purposeful and replicable events and initiatives.

Communications & Outreach Committee
Committee Chair: Sherman Brown
Mission Statement: The mission of the Charleston School of Law Student Bar Association Communications and Outreach Committee is to engage the student body and maintain an effective relationship between students and the Student Bar Association. In doing so, the Communications and Outreach Committee will both provide students with timely information regarding the Charleston School of Law and the Student Bar Association and serve as a platform to promote the work of our students and our school.

Strategic Planning and Community Service Committee
Committee Chair: Caitlin Turner
Mission Statement: The Charleston School of Law Community Service Committee’s mission is to mobilize the students and faculty to provide legal and humanitarian services to the Charleston community. Through community outreach events, the Community Service Committee hopes to give back to the Charleston-area and the citizens that make up this great community. Our goal is to create positive relationships between the citizens of Charleston and the members of the Charleston Law family. We hope to create a strong foundation through support and service to the city of Charleston. Our main goal is to give back to a community and its citizens that has given so much to us.

Constitutional Compliance Committee
Committee Chair: Aspasia Padgiotis
Mission Statement: The SBA Constitutional Compliance Committee mission statement is to update and pass the 2020 SBA Constitution and to provide insight and references to our governing documents during senate sessions.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Committee Chair: Shane Hursh/Justin Watkins
Mission Statement: Charleston School of Law is a legal community committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain excellence among students and alumni. The mission of Diversity and Inclusion Committee shall be to represent and honor unique traits and characteristics within the student body; to educate current members, students, faculty, and alumni on the importance of equality; to offer resources and support to all members, students, faculty, and alumni; to join the collective fight to protect the rights of our minority students; and to foster lasting professional relationships within the Charleston and greater legal community. We firmly believe we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of members, students, faculty, and administration. We strive to create a climate of respect that is supportive of each members’ success, even and especially in times of social justice unrest.

Elections Committee
Committee Chair: Alexandria Jones
Mission Statement: The SBA elections process is a very crucial part of the school and its functions. SBA not only represents the students and their voices, but also serves as a key component of transparency between administration and the student body. Elections Committees main purpose is to find students who share those same goals. Anyone who feels as though their voice is not adequately represented can join SBA and our job is to give those students the opportunity to be elected to represent their peers.

Finance Committee
Committee ChairAddison “Oz” Osbourne
Mission Statement: The Finance Committee shall assist SBA in fulfilling its apportionment responsibilities with respect to reviewing and monitoring the student organization and grants budgets.

Social Committee
Committee Chair: Belle Scott and Nina Ivankovic
Mission Statement: The Charleston School of Law Student Bar Association’s Social Committee’s mission is to create events that bring our community together through meaningful connections. These events will give students the opportunity to reconnect with their peers, staff, and alumni as well as strengthen the bonds at the Charleston School of Law.

Scholarship Committee
Committee Chair: Danielle Wilson
Mission Statement: The mission of the Charleston School of Law’s Student Bar Association Scholarship Committee is to create and fundraise to provide students in need with more opportunities and minimize their financial burden.

Student Affairs Committee
Committee Chair: Sherman Brown
Mission Statement: Our mission is to meet the individual needs of all students and the collective needs of the student body in any academic, recreational, or safety-concern based capacity.

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