2022-23 SBA Executive Board Announced

The Student Bar Association (SBA) at Charleston School of Law announced its 2022-23 Executive Board this week.

The following student leaders have been elected to lead the student body during the 2022-23 academic year:  Calvin Griffin (President), Danielle Wilson (Vice President), Breanna Thomas (Secretary) and Emily White (Treasurer).

SBA 2022-23

“We are thrilled to congratulate this year’s new SBA executive members,” said Nick Sanders, Dean of Students at Charleston Law. “All four candidates bring demonstrated leadership experience, a desire to serve their fellow classmates, and a willingness to work closely with students and student organizations to accomplish their SBA-related goals.  While they have big shoes to fill, we are confident that this group will achieve great success.”

Calvin Griffin, the newly elected SBA president, currently serves as the student Treasurer and LRAW Fellow. He is also an active member of the Transactional Law Team and Trial Advocacy Board.

Griffin’s campaign focused on four priorities: Library transition, clinical opportunities, healthcare resources and empowerment of the student body.

Charleston School of Law is beginning the process of transitioning its law library to the first floor of 385 Meeting Street. “This is such a huge priority because our students deserve an amazing environment to fellowship with other students, study, meet, and research,” he said in his campaign speech.

Griffin also made educating students about clinical opportunities a priority for the upcoming year adding, “I want to make all students aware of the awesome opportunity through clinics. The value of having courtroom experience is something that really cannot be measured on a law student’s resume.”

Danielle Wilson, a current 2L senator, was elected SBA vice president. In her speech, Wilson said she will lead by listening (to students); supporting (student initiatives); and serving as a “bridge” to fill the gap between Students and SBA; Students and Faculty; Students and the School.

Breanna Thomas, a rising 2L, has been named the new SBA secretary for the 2022-23 academic year.  She has served on social committee, student affairs committee, community service committee, alumni committee, and the diversity and inclusion committee. Thomas, a 1L senator, said she has learned how change can benefit students academically and socially.

Emily White, an SBA senator, will join the SBA leadership board as Treasurer, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience including her work on the SBA’s Finance Committee and Grants Board. “I have heard the passion and drive in every single budget and grant request …” she noted. “It has been an honor to hear the passion behind student organizations and I wish to continue to help fund these opportunities.”

The SBA at Charleston Law was created to serve as the collective voice for the student body and to help provide an exciting experience through social, academic and community service events. The new SBA leadership team will be responsible for administering the budget of student funds and recommend positive change to campus policy.


The Charleston School of Law is an ABA-accredited law school nationally recognized for its student-centric culture. Our faculty and staff are committed to preparing you for success both in the classroom and in the legal profession.

  • The Princeton Review ranks Charleston School of Law professors second in the country for faculty accessibility (2021)
  • Charleston School of Law faculty ranked among the top of The Princeton Review’s list of Best Professors in the nation (2016-2018)
  • Experiential Learning: Charleston School of Law students have access to about more than 150 externship sites, creating opportunities for experiential learning in the legal field.
  • Community Service: Charleston School of Law students have performed more than 241,000 community service hours (2004-current).
  • Students have won the National Tax Moot Court Championship for seven consecutive years (2012-2018)

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