• Start Date 09/28/2023
  • Start Time 12:00 pm
  • End Date 09/28/2023
  • End Time 1:00 pm
  • Location Wragg Mall Park, 7 Wragg Sq., Charleston, South Carolina 29403

The Charleston School of Law will host its next Professionalism Series event on Thursday, September 28 at 12 noon at Wragg Mall Park. This event will focus on: Connecting Professionalism & The Practice of Wellness.

The American Bar Association defines “Professional Identity” to include, “the knowledge, skills, values and morals, goals, and personality traits considered foundational to successful legal practice.” To that end, the School of Law hosts events throughout the year that promote professional identity development for all members of our diverse community.
This fall, we will be exploring the theme, “Perspectives on Professionalism.”

Attendance Policy: There are at least six (6) events per semester. To fulfill the graduation requirement and to receive credit for attending the series, students must attend eighteen (18) events. The School of Law will record attendance prior to each event. Any student who arrives more than ten (10) minutes late for the program will not receive credit for attending. A student may leave a program no more than fifteen (15) minutes before their next scheduled class. It is a potential Honor Code violation to seek credit for events that you did not attend. Actual attendance at the lectures is mandatory.