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Application for Graduation and Bar Exam Notification

No nicknames, please.
Please note degrees earned that you would like to be noted in the graduation program.
Documentation of degree completion must be on file in the Registrar’s Office.
Bar Exam Registration: I authorize the Charleston School of Law to release any information required by the Board of Bar Examiners for permission to take the bar examination and to be admitted to the bar of any state or jurisdiction that I am applying for admission. This includes, but is not limited to, any information contained in my file and my official transcript, my current permanent address, and my contact numbers. I understand that it is my responsibility to confirm the requirements needed to take the bar in their particular jurisdiction and to submit a final transcript to the bar upon certification of my degree.
List all bar examinations you plan to take and the month and year it will be given.
. I request an audit of my academic records to determine compliance with the graduation requirements. I understand that I will be certified provided I have met all requirements for the Juris Doctor degree and that all financial obligations including the return of any school property have been paid in full.