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The Office of Academic and Bar Success is dedicated to supporting students’ success from the day they start at the law school through the bar examination. The office oversees programming that is integrated into the curriculum such as orientation, writing programs, and bar preparation. We work collaboratively with Charleston School of Law faculty and staff to meet the needs of the students.  The office also provides individual academic counseling and support for students. We work closely with students who want extra help and are always available for one-on-one meetings.

Dean Margolis and Professor Point

Dean Margolis and Professor Point are available for one-on-one meetings.  They can help you with creating a schedule, class preparation, outlining, multiple choice approach, and essay practice.

Professor Brown

Professor Brown identifies areas to improve upon in student writing, such as grammar, punctuation usage, word choice, word order, and clarity and concision. He then meets with students and reviews the documents to reduce and eliminate those errors. Students correct their errors; he does not. In the event students do not recognize any of the above errors in their writing, Professor Brown provides instruction and recommendations to prevent their further occurrence.

Contact Us

Assistant Dean for Academic and Bar Success

Dyann Margolis

Office:  (843) 377-2443

Assistant Director First Year Programming

Brittany Point

Office: (843) 377-2416

Composition Specialist

Leo Brown

Office: (843) 377-2433