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Message from the Dean

A Message from
Dean Andy Abrams

"We are delighted that you are interested in the Charleston School of Law and would encourage you to apply, and, ultimately, pursue your legal education in our community of outstanding students, faculty and staff.

You will quickly discover the unique nature of the legal education we offer here at the Charleston School of Law where the focus is firmly on you, the student. Our faculty is wholly committed to providing you with a legal education that blends theory with practical skills, preparing you to lead a productive professional life and to make a significant impact on the lives of others.

I am confident that as you learn about our law school, you will see why there is such great excitement about the Charleston School of Law. So read about us, come visit us here in one of America's greatest cities, and feel free to contact our staff or me if you have any questions."

Charleston School of Law
Where Traditions Meet Opportunity

The Charleston School of Law offers students the unique opportunity to study the time-honored practice of law amid the beauty and grace of one of the South's most historic cities, Charleston, South Carolina.

Tracing its historic traditions to the 1825 formation of The Forensic Club, the Charleston School of Law is reinvigorating the study of law in Charleston by offering a rich, comprehensive three-year program rooted in excellence. Not only can students take advantage of mentoring programs offered in conjunction with Charleston's collegial, professional Bar, they benefit from a firsthand look at the study of law in a city anchored by a vital, downtown civic hub known as the Four Corners of Law.

"Charleston has played a pivotal role in the development of the rule of law in our country and has a legal community with the highest professional reputation," says Alex Sanders, former president of the College of Charleston and past chief judge for the S.C. Court of Appeals.

Students at the Charleston School of Law study law as a profession and find a faculty focused on using the law as a calling in the public interest. Faculty members devote their full attention to excellent teaching and scholarship, both in and out of the classroom.

Where traditions meet opportunity -- that is Charleston and the Charleston School of Law.