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Application for Disability Services


Application for Disability Services

Instructions:  Please complete this form, attach appropriate documentation, and submit to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Margaret M. Lawton, Suite 321, 385 Meeting Street (or mlawton@charlestonlaw.edu). Where necessary, please attach additional sheets in order to fully answer all questions.  Before any accommodations are provided, this completed request and the appropriate medical document in support of the request must be submitted to the Academic Dean.


Last Name:
First Name:
Local Address:
Permanent Address:
Primary email:
Secondary email:
Preferred Phone Number:
Entered Academic Year:
Anticipated Graduation Date:


1.    What is the nature of your disability:
2.    If you received any accommodation(s) at a previous college or university, or on the SAT or LSAT, please provide the details of the accommodations received as well as the dates:
3.    Describe the accommodation(s) that you are requesting.  Please be as specific as possible:


Please provide current medical documentation substantiating the existence of the above-described disability or disabilities, testing and/or evaluations from medical, psychological, educational, or neurological sources; please check the Charleston School of Law website for additional information:  Students with Disabilities.   All reports and documentation must be dated, typed and on letterhead, and must include the evaluator’s signature, credentials and licensing number. Recommended accommodations should also be included.  If there is additional information that is relevant to your disability and the degree of impairment resulting, please also provide that information.


Consent and Authorization to Release Information

I authorize the release of my information to the necessary Charleston School of Law administrator(s) for the purpose of assessing my request and evaluating the supporting documentation.

I also understand that if testing accommodations are granted, this information will be communicated with the Registrar’s Office and other administrative personnel for the purpose of facilitating test accommodations.

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Please note:  The receipt of testing accommodations at the Charleston School of Law does not guarantee the receipt of accommodations on a bar exam or other type of exam.  Students should check with the Board of Bar Examiners or other appropriate agency for the state(s) in which they plan to sit for the bar.  Information about requesting accommodations for the MPRE or MBE can be located:  http://www.ncbex.org/.